Saturday, October 29, 2016

Types of Automotive Keys

Your automotive key or car key enables you to open and start your car. In some cases, you don’t even need the actual key to start your car now-a-days. Not every car has the same type of keys. Today there are transponder keys (very popular), VATS, and smart keys or key fobs. Although there are a variety of keys that are made today, they all require only one of two cutting techniques to work. Unfortunately, you are not always in control of the type of key that is required to operate your automobile. However, if you have a preferred type of key that you like to use, there are certain make and models of cars that you shouldn’t even consider You should know that despite your best efforts to continue using a specific type of car key, you may be out of luck because most cars designed today require a key that is technologically advanced. You may have to adapt with the changing industry needs. Besides, the advanced technology used to make your car keys today offer more security than other types of keys.

We’ll start by telling you about the most common type of automotive keys, the mechanical cut keys. These are cut using a traditional cutting machine. You may be familiar with the way locksmiths make standard keys for your office or home. This is the same way traditional keys are made. This was the only way that a key could be made until the 20th century. After which time the laser cutting technique then started to become just as popular. This is because of the increased level of security offered with a laser cut key. You’ll find that most newer model cars require the laser cut keys.

Laser cut keys are also known as sidewinder keys or internal cut keys. This type of key cutting is the most comprehensive because of the many security advantages that they offer. The lock cylinder is more difficult to pick when compared to how easy it is to pick a traditional cut key. They are also less likely to be duplicated because of the special software used and the high-tech machine used to cut the keys. Note that if you are purchasing a newer model car, your car will likely use a laser cut key.

Now that you know the type of cuts that keys are made with, here are the common types of car keys:

  1. Smart Keys

These keys are made with computerized microchips and a sensor that enables users to start the car without a key in the ignition. The driver just needs to have the key on them in order to start the car. There are some advantages to having this type of key and disadvantages. Discuss this with a certified Riverside locksmith, such as one you would find at Riverside Locksmith.

  1. Transponder Keys

The microchip in a transponder key is located in the handle. This is done for security purposes and to prevent auto theft. This type of key can be laser cut or mechanical cut. This depends on the make and model of the car that you have. Most locksmith services are able to effectively program and reprogram your transponder key from wherever you are. They come to your location with the necessary equipment to handle the job.

  1. VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) Keys

This type of key is a mechanical cut key. It has a black resister on the blade, not a microchip like some might think. A VATS key isn’t designed with computer technology.

Whenever you need a new key made, you might want to consider allowing a locksmith to make it for you rather than a auto dealership for various reasons. One of the many reasons people elect to have a locksmith make their key is because it is less expensive. When you lose your key and do not have a duplicate, you can have an automotive locksmith come to wherever you are, rather than having a tow truck take you to a dealership for a new key. This saves you from having to pay tow fees. The process of cutting your key for you is also less expensive than what you would pay at a car dealership. Another good reason to contact a locksmith rather than a dealership is because it will take less time to get your new key. When you are at a dealership, they often make you stand in a queue to wait alongside everyone else who is seeking services, even if it is something as simple as having a new key made. Most locksmith companies offer mobile services, which means they will come to where you are to cut your key for you. This saves you time and money. These days, time is such a commodity that we can’t afford to waste it waiting around all day for something as simple as a key.

Make sure that when you begin searching for a locksmith to make your car keys, you find one that is reputable and trustworthy. If you have a locksmith that you have used in the past and they have managed to maintain their fine reputation, why go anywhere else. Finding a trustworthy locksmith means that you don’t have to worry about them making duplicate keys for themselves and use for themselves or sell to some theft ring. We know this is not something that may happen often, but it is certainly worth considering.  Since a certified locksmith makes keys all the time, it stands to reason that when they cut your key it will be done right the first time. Sometimes, the keys you have made at a dealership are made so fast that they don’t always do a good job cutting the key and you begin having problems shortly thereafter. Take the time to do your research in finding the right locksmith to ensure you get what you are paying for. Worse than wasting time is wasting our money on something that is ineffective.

Monday, October 3, 2016

When To Replace Locks

When To Replace Locks

We often hear the phrase “change the locks” but do you know what that really means? Are you actually changing or replacing the entire lock or just a part of it and does any of that matter? Here at Riverside Locksmith we are often asked for lock change, rekey or lock replacement help. Many don’t know the difference but you soon will!

Most Riverside, CA lock and key shops offer similar services so even if you use another firm to help with your lock situation you’ll be able to speak the “lingo” and get the service you really want or need.

So What Is A Lock Change?

Let’s take the mystery out of all this. A lock replacement is just that. The lock is fully replaced. You take the old one off and install a brand new one.

A rekey is different but often accomplishes the same goal. You keep the lock in place and only change the inside tumblers so that you are forced to use a different key. See how that works?

Which Do You Need Or Want?

Are you more confused than ever? Don’t worry – it’s simple really. You can also call Riverside Locksmith at any time and get clarification. Our family owned lock and key shop offers free, no obligation details, free price quotes and even free consultations. Take advantage of all that and give us a call!

Replacing Home Locks

There are many good reasons to replace your locks at home. They may have been damaged during a burglary attempt. Your door or window locks may have been vandalized or even destroyed. Many times, our Riverside, CA customers have called us to add new residential locks after they’ve come home to broken ones. Think about it. It’s after hours and you’ve just arrived home. The locks are damaged or missing. You need new locks installed immediately or else how can you retire for the night or go to work in the morning? You CAN’T leave your home unlocked and unprotected!

Another great reason to replace your home locks is to simply upgrade. It’s a little known fact that most home builders install the minimum grade locks on their new home’s front doors. The laws and building codes require a lock but it doesn’t have to be a great one; just an adequate one. Are you shocked? Don’t be. By doing this, they fulfil their code requirements and make allowance for you to upgrade to stronger, better locks at a higher price, of course.

Many times, our Riverside Locksmith customers simply want higher quality hardware installed at their homes. Our shop offers some great deals on high security locks. We offer several models for our customers to choose from. They are not only affordable, they are so well built that they cannot be pried, picked, shot or even blasted open! Lock bumping is another form of easy home entry (of the illegal kind!). 95% of most home locks today can be bumped open in less than 15 seconds! The technique is simple and leaves no trace of forced entry! Try filing a claim for stolen goods or police report when it looks like an inside job! The best way to combat lock bumping is to simply replace your original door locks with new high security or bump proof locks from a licensed, bonded and insured Riverside, CA locksmith.

Replacing Auto Locks

Riverside Locksmith usually gets auto lock replacement requests when car locks have worn out or become useless from age or crime. Some customers want to change over to a keyless entry system while others simply want new locks installed to take the place of the damaged ones. Car theft is on the rise and many times the door, trunk or ignition switch has been rendered almost useless by attempts to pick open, pry off or smash the locking apparatus in order to either gain entry or to steal the vehicle altogether. Many times we’ll get requests to add additional locks, like one for the glove compartment or to replace one on a used vehicle or on one bought at car auction.

Replacing Commercial Locks

There are hundreds of different types of businesses. They can range from dry cleaners to luxury hotels. One thing they all have in common is their locks. Commercial locks are meant to protect the business property, its customers, staff, and inventory. Many times local Riverside, CA firms change hands. New owners will want new keys and often opt for simple rekey job. Others will want an entirely new set of locks at least for the front or back doors. Upgrades are also a big part of commercial locksmith service. Many burglars and armed robbers see local businesses as easy “marks” for their criminal activity. You always hear of the late night convenience store robbery or something criminal happening at a liquor store or bar. Upgrading to better quality locks and adding CCTV cameras can go a long way towards keeping business crime down, not just here in California, but everywhere.

Which Is Best?

It comes down to your particular needs. Do you just want spare keys for safekeeping or for a family member or friend? Call a local locksmith and get some made. Do you want new keys so that the old ones no longer work? Get some rekey work done and save money over full lock replacement. Would you like to upgrade or replace some damaged locks that are no longer doing their job? Ask for lock replacement and get the added security and peace of mind that comes with that decision. If you have questions or still can’t decide which route to go, call on Riverside Locksmith and we’ll be happy to discuss any of this with you! Our service is mobile, highly affordable and our full time technicians are licensed, bonded and insured for your total protection and safety. We offer same day service and ultra-fast response times during emergencies. Your locks are meant to do a job. Help them along by getting the best ones for your money!